Fairytale Ballet

Fairy Tale BalletWelcome to Fairytale Ballet a dance program designed just for little girls.

Fairytale Ballet celebrates everything wonderful about being a little girl. These enchanting dance classes are like nothing else in our area. Each month our studio space transforms to welcome a new storybook character. Girls begin each class with a traditional Ballet bar warm-up. French terminology, beginning pedagogy, and classroom manners are all a part of the Fairytale program. In Fairytale Ballet we use beautiful costumes, lively music and storytelling to bring each character to life. Please read on to learn more about the program. Then visit the classes page or contact us to register.


What will my daughter learn?Fairy Ballet
Dancers will learn the positions of the feet and arms. Dancers will learn about 25 primary ballet steps in the first year. These steps are reviewed and added to each year.

How Much does it Cost?  Classes are $48 per month. There is a $20 yearly enrollment fee.  The tuition is paid monthly, but it is based upon a calendar year. Tuition is not prorated for student abscence or holiday breaks. The studio is closed on all Washoe County School holidays and some breaks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Is it just Ballet?
While the class is called Fairytale Ballet, the use of differing stories allows us to explore varied styles of dance. We waltz with Belle; square dance as cowgirls; soft shoe with the Frog Princess. Each class also includes instruction in our pink ribbon tap program twice per month.

Do you have recitals?
Yes. We have 2 recitals per year. The cost of these recitals is around $75 which includes your costume which is yours to keep.We also have a number of community performances. Our students usually have about 9 opportunities to perform each year. 

Can I join at anytime?
We run on a traditional schedule starting after Labor Day and ending late May. However, if there is space in a class you may join at anytime. Fairytale Ballet classes do not meet on certain holidays and school breaks. Watch the newsletter for information on studio holidays. Classes will not meet on snow days when schools are closed. Also, evening classes may be canceled if the weather is particularly poor. Credits are not given on holidays. The year is designed to account for these occasional days.

What should she wear?
All dancers must wear a plain pink leotard. No skirts either separate or attached, Pink tights, or white socks and pink Ballet shoes. Shoes must be Bloch or Capezio brand and cannot be purchased from Payless. Shoes are available at Judy’s Dance in Old Town Mall or online. Hair must be in a bun.

Who is the teacher?Fairy Tale Ballet
All classes are taught by owner and artistic director Katherine Mills. Ms Katherine has been teaching for nearly 20 years. She has a minor in dance from the University of Nevada, Reno. Ms. Katherine loves introducing dance to the very young child and has continually focused her work in the area of early childhood dance.

Can I watch classes?
Yes. However, parents are to remain in the waiting area during class times. You may run an errand during class as long as you return promptly to pick up your child.


If you have additional questions or would like to try a class for free please contact Katherine at 544-5878.